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Floating floors can be tricky to install correctly. Maintaining the gap required around the perimeter while keeping the floor together is a challenge. J-Lock solves the problem in a cost effective, easy to utilize way. Take the guesswork out and eliminate the problem.

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J-Lock Spacer: An Overview

Using J-Lock Spacers will ensure that the required expansion gap between the floor and wall is maintained. J-Lock spacers will stay put and are easy to remove when the job is done.


What Makes It Different

  • Simple Design
  • Ease of Placement
  • Ease of Removal
  • Reliable Performance

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An Elegant Solution

Elegant /adjective/ (of a scientific theory or solution to a problem) pleasingly ingenious and simple.

Laminate and LVT flooring are two of the most popular choices by homeowners and businesses for their flooring needs for several reasons. It is attractive, cost effective, durable and easy to maintain. The installation, however, can present some challenges that until now have been tough to deal with.

When installing laminate flooring you must maintain a gap around the perimeter to allow the material to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. It is a “floating floor” system and therefore not adhered to the sub-floor in any way. If the floor is installed incorrectly and the gap is too small, or worse, not there at all, the floor will buckle and fail.

Additionally, the flooring material has shaped edges that snap together and keep the planks tightly joined. In order to exert the force necessary to snap the flooring together, you must have a stable surface to push against or the planks will come apart. This, along with the spacing issue, can be very frustrating to deal with, not to mention time consuming.

J-Lock solves both problems easily and affordably. You might even say, elegantly.

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Whether you are a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, J-Lock aims to save you time, money and frustration on every floating floor installation you perform.

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